Knowledge Sharing

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Where do I begin? The title of the blog is “Knowledge Sharing” . First thought. Title appears esoteric. hmmm….

What is Knowledge? I am thinking. Zillion thoughts come and go. Is knowledge a positive realization of ignorance? Is it the process of perpetual learning?  Is it the experience one gains while living on this planet earth? Or is it certificate given by the system as a quality check for having attended (?) certain lectures  (of the so called teachers) for a fixed period of time and clearing – some thing called EXAM – so that society recognizes you as respected person.

I do not know. Its a personal choice. The idea of knowledge just keeps on narrowing and becomes more and more suffocating when you start discussing it in the context of certain regions of the world – in this case India, Maharashtra, Pune.

To me knowledge is positive realization of ignorance. I learn, grow as a person every single day. Its all about liking what I do and do what I like. Learn and teach and share.

Holy COW Ninad!!! What about Money? That is the crux. The crap I gave – Will it give me money? Monies is the essence of life. It gives me “the” choice. TRUE. We dive into a deeper question – Are we learning to earn money or to be happy to gain knowledge. Personal choice again. But the experience that I have had tells me that if one enjoys what one does then money follows. Philosophical CRAP!!! Yeah…. But that is my experience. As a young blood I didn’t believe it either when my GOD mother Mrs. Hemalata Honwad told me.I started believing it when I started doing what I really love – TEACHING. And many things followed or are following.

I, of course had to pass through the process – Buddhist teaching or learning process – if you want to call it that way. But yeah…. it has been a fantastic journey. Academics is the area I want to live, breathe and die for.

I have had the fortune of meeting and befriending some of the best young minds till date. Vaishnavi, Kunal, Trupti, Sharvi, Rohan, Sonali, Maitreyi, Manasi, Shivani, Ronak, Rohit, Adeesh, Raj, Akshay, Warke and the list goes on…….Amazing SOULS…..Learning from them…Sharing my knowledge….growing with every lecture….

I look forward to many more – the likes of Manas, Ishan, Swarangi, Sharwari……

I want to learn more and share my knowledge with all humility.

Cheers to LearnAc.